Christina Applegate fumes over criticism of Kim Kardashian’s inclusive underwear ad | Entertainment

Christina Applegate has raged at conservative commentator Candace Owens over her criticism of Kim Kardashian’s inclusive underwear ad.

The 51-year-old actress came across a clip online from Owens’ ‘Daily Wire’ show in which she slammed the Kardashians SKIMS 2022 campaign for including a model in a wheelchair to promote products for people disabilities — and Christina couldn’t stop herself from wading through Twitter.

The ‘Friends’ star – who went public with her multiple sclerosis diagnosis in 2021 – wrote: “Yes, a belated tweet. But I woke up to see the most horrible thing.

“This person from Candace is commenting on companies seeing we need help. It’s f****** disgusting. Thank you skims and Tommy and Guide beauty and @neowalksticks for seeing us.”

The TV star continued: “I’ll try to sleep but my rage is keeping me awake. Candace Owens, do you know when you saw pictures of me how hard it was to put my clothes on? A L team needs to help me!!! So I’m excited about accessibility clothing for me and my community. Hope you wake up.

Christina later added that she would be happy to talk to Owens to help change her perspective on disability. She tweeted: “I thought my last tweet was enough. But then my heart said something else. No anger. If Candace wants to phone me to be educated about being disabled. I won’t come in anger. I will come with love Because she needs to hear this I pray for her tonight Sincerely.

Owens previously sparked outrage when she called Kim’s ad campaign message of inclusivity “ridiculous”.

Speaking on her show, she explained her perspective, saying, “I don’t really understand how far we’re going to go with this inclusivity thing. I really don’t understand. I don’t know. What if I’m wrong, again educate me, today I just want to be educated in the comments.

“Why did they do this? I don’t know, I don’t know why this had to be done. I’m getting sick of this inclusivity stuff. It seems ridiculous.

“By the way, I think people in wheelchairs will support me on this,” she said. “I think they’re on my side. I think they think it’s stupid.”

Haleigh Rosa, who was the model featured in the Kardashian campaign, has also since spoken out against Owens’ comments, telling Forbes, “So often it’s assumed that the disabled community should feel bad. People with disabilities I know are some of the most resilient people. … If [Owens] really wants to educate herself, she can contact me. I’m not one to cancel culture; I believe in the power of education. I would love to have a conversation and educate Candace.”

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