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By Bonnie Donovan

In last week’s column, we warned of the infiltration of America by the Chinese government.

The day after the column was published, we received a report on how, thanks to espionage in American companies, the Chinese military had been able to produce its fifth generation fighter jet. This is the Chinese J20, built by copying technologies from the American F-22 Raptor. It is important to know that America has never sold F-22 Raptors to another country.

The Chinese theft of US secret technology happened here in America.

The primary designers and manufacturers of the F-22 Raptor were Lockheed Martin and Boeing, with hundreds of sub-component suppliers.

China has been focused on stealing the F-22 technologies for 10 years, and they’ve had incredible success. By doing so, they were able to reduce the technology gap between America and China by 10 to 15 years.

About new technologies, did you know? was exposed to the power of a combination of artificial intelligence technology, coupled with numerous drones. We have learned how this combination can replace human efforts for good and evil.

AI and drone technologies are developing rapidly. Although this is not possible today, imagine the day when four large container ships – with legitimate papers and controlled by artificial intelligence – sail hundreds of kilometers from each other outside the waters US territories along the US Pacific and Atlantic coasts.

At 2 am, the doors of their containers open. From each ship, hundreds of AI-controlled drones rise and fly over every major city on the East Coast and West Coast. Boston, New York, Washington, Miami, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego. What will drones bring to the millions of people who live there?

Several balloons can fly, undetected, through US airspace. How about four ships in two pairs, hundreds of miles apart on two oceans, hidden among hundreds of others?

On another subject, a reader of Did you know? filed a 46-page copy of very detailed and highly privacy-intrusive questions, called “The American Community Survey”, which they received in the mail.

It is conducted by the Census Bureau and is mandated by your US government that recipients are, by law, required to respond.

Did you know? does not know the full use that will be made of the information collected. This could well be a test to include these questions in future comprehensive censuses.

Not only are recipients required to reveal the most intimate details of their personal lives, but they are also required to identify themselves by name.

Failure to complete and return the survey or provide inaccurate answers will result in heavy fines.

It’s not a census survey, in the sense that it was only sent to 3 million households, out of 123.6 million in America, but it’s already here in Santa Barbara.

I hope you won’t get any.

This survey is designed not only to identify you, but also to probe all aspects of your life and the lives of your resident family. Your life stories, employment, and full financial picture are all included, and more.

If this is a test for a full census, the government might have all the information it needs to set up a social credit system to control individual behavior, similar to the one currently in place in China.

Did you know? Also forwarded was the new Pepperdine University promotional video that the Malibu school released in celebration of its recent 25th anniversary. It features Ronald Reagan in 1976 when he was asked to write a letter to be opened in 100 years. Check out the promotional video, “Shaping the World for the Next 100 Years,” on Pepperdine’s YouTube channel —

I invite you to take a few minutes (just three!) to watch the video, which begins with a familiar voice.

This brief video is based on one of Mr. Reagan’s most popular radio addresses from September 1976. Pepperdine first heard of this text while reading Mr. Reagan’s words in “In His Own Hand” – a book co-edited by one of the newest in the university. faculty members, Dr. Kiron Skinner.

President Reagan was asked to write a letter to put in a time capsule to be opened in 2076 in Los Angeles. He was asked to mention in the letter some of the most serious problems facing the United States in 1976.

What he wrote in 1976 (47 years ago) could be today.

Below is some of what he said.

“Think about it for a moment.

“What do you put in a letter that will be read in 100 years, in the year 2076? People who read it will “live in the world we helped shape.”

“Will they read the letter with gratitude in their hearts for what we did, or will they be bitter because the legacy we left them was one of human misery?”

“The biggest problem facing the United States in 1976 was the choice between continuing the policies of the past 40 years that led to bigger and bigger government, less and less freedom, the redistribution of income through confiscatory taxation, or trying to get back on the original path mapped out for us by the Founding Fathers.

“Are we going to choose fiscal responsibility, limited government and freedom of choice for all our people? Or are we going to let an irresponsible Congress put us on the path our English cousins ​​have already taken? The path to economic ruin and state control over our very lives? »

“On the international stage, two great superpowers face each other with ready-to-use nuclear missiles – ready to bring Armageddon to the world.”

“Those who read my letter will know whether these missiles were fired or not. Either they will be surrounded by the same beauty that we know, or they will sadly wonder what it was like when the world was still beautiful.

“If we rise here today to the challenge we face, those who open this time capsule 100 years from now will do so in peace, prosperity, and the height of personal freedom.

“If we don’t keep our date with fate, the letter will probably never be read – because they will live in the world we left them, a world in which no one is allowed to read about individual freedom or freedom of choice.”

“Are we going to choose fiscal responsibility, limited government and freedom of choice for all our people?

Bonnie Donovan writes the “Did You Know? column in collaboration with a bipartisan group of local citizens. It appears on Saturdays in the Voice section.

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