China Association for Science and Technology releases conference guidelines

The China Association for Science and Technology has issued a guideline for holding international science and technology conferences this year, including 55 topics on sustainable development, cutting-edge science, innovations and governance of technology. point.

These topics include food safety, clean energy, advanced materials, basic science, and artificial intelligence. China will also host the 2023 Global Science Literacy Conference from September 18-19.

Mu Rongping, director of the Center for Innovation and Development of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that international scientific conferences are platforms to promote academic exchanges and cooperation, allowing scientists to reach consensus, share ideas and tackle common problems.

The guideline serves as a reference for scientists and policymakers to probe the latest trends and emerging topics in science and technology, he said.

He Wei, deputy director general of the Department of International Affairs of the China Association for Science and Technology, said one of CAST’s key roles is to facilitate academic exchanges and cooperation.

International conferences are platforms to share the latest ideas and academic achievements, build mutual trust and collaboration among the global scientific community, and contribute to global governance of science and technology, she said.

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