Chennai Hospital launches ambulance tracking facility

mSirenPilot, a mobile app launched by Gleneagles Global Health City allows traffic police to track the movement of ambulances and provide faster clearance from vehicular traffic, a statement from the hospital said. “This advanced technology has the potential to help hospitals and traffic police monitor the movement of ambulances while transporting patients,” he said. “Delay in treating critical patients worsens the treatment outcome. The golden hour is the first 60 minutes of a patient’s life where the patient can be saved if the right treatment is provided,’ said Sriram R, Head of Department and Principal Consultant of Gleneagles Global Health City.

“Our emergency team can effectively follow up and coordinate with the ambulance to improve the treatment provided,” he said.

The mSirenPilot also offers a free mobile app powered by the world’s first “Smart Siren Technology”, which allows road drivers and traffic police to proactively create a green corridor and assist emergency ambulances move faster in traffic, according to the press release.

Gleneagles Global Health City, CEO, Dr Alok Khullar, said: ‘Every year, countless lives are lost due to delay in definitive treatment during the ‘golden hour’. launch of mSirenPilot, an intelligent ambulance platform, support is extended to interact with the hospital’s emergency response team more effectively and efficiently,” he said.

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