Celtic’s relentless football turnaround drove some Peepul crazy

When a team takes a nine-goal win, it’s usually a sign that they’re doing everything right. How is it possible, then, that so many Peepul think that some strange confluence of luck and malignant influence is the reason for our success?

When we face the Ibrox side next weekend, a draw would be enough to effect a remarkable turnaround. I don’t expect us to draw. I think we will win and with plenty of room to spare. But the draw alone brings us to a milestone that no one across town saw coming, and no one can reasonably deny.

We will have played 38 SPFL games without defeat. A full season. An Invincible campaign. It won’t be, of course, because it’s spread over this season and last… but given where we were after the first six games of last season, it’s almost miraculous that we’re about to achieve such a feat. But reading their forums, none of this is real.

This is the level of the opposition, they say. Which makes me wonder where their big wins are. Where’s their equivalent of what we handed out yesterday, if it’s just that the opposition is so bad? If they are referees, they will have to point fingers at the decisions we get that lead us to rack up such big performances and cricket scores.

Press them on it and they won’t get any real answers, just vague nonsense about how our team is designed to “beat the dross” every week. Which, maybe I’m crazy, but I kind of thought that was the whole point of putting together a football team in the first place. Win more games than others and you win prizes, after all? It’s as if they watched a different game every week and only now knew what the strategies were behind winning in the real game.

Read their forums today for evidence of rampage madness. And denial. No team that’s about to go 38 in the league undefeated can possibly be a bad team…yet they’re sticking to their guns on this, they’re determined that we are.

No team that enters a race like this should be underestimated. No team that goes into a race like this should be fired so casually. But the hate and bile pouring out of their forums today has left no room for rational analysis.

This team broke some of these people’s sanity, really. Keep in mind this time last year, everyone around him was predicting that we would be lucky to finish third, let alone maintain a title challenge. We were two wins out of five and it was about to get worse…we must not have known as the low point was coming and it was all uphill from there.

But perhaps most importantly, they must not have known…and they thought they were on the ascendant as we continued to circle around. It hasn’t been like that at all, of course, and the experience of watching Celtic’s rise has honestly broken some of those Peepul.

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