BT harnesses 5G for an immersive training offer

BT Group has targeted digital skills across industry verticals through a partnership with virtual training provider Immersive Interactive, launching tools for staff to engage in simulated environments.

The configuration of the immersive spaces involves a mix of interactive 360-degree video content with AR, VR and XR services. BT built a room with HD projectors and touch screens to display training material and allow interaction.

A cloud-based library stores over 3,000 interactive content items spanning training, education, and entertainment.

During a demonstration, Ian Robertson, technical director for 5G, and Alexandra Foster, director of BT’s X division, highlighted the potential of a simulated environment for professional training in businesses and the public sector.

Foster said sensory learning can “really transform the experience of skill development,” citing deployments in education and healthcare settings.

BT featured content covering inductions for manufacturing personnel, training for emergency services personnel and entertainment.

The operator said Immersive Spaces is “fully supported” by the EE Mobile Unit’s 4G and 5G networks, with the latter being used for live streaming.

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