Brooklyn Park small business incubator plans May opening

10:00 a.m. | Saturday, April 1, 2023

Brooklyn Park city leaders are thrilled with the progress being made on the new Small Business Center on the site of the former Northwind Plaza mall on Brooklyn Boulevard. Its transformation into a hub for retail, office and co-working spaces for small business owners of all experience levels is complete, according to William Anderson, senior economic development project manager for the city. about eighty percent.

“Our goal is to have a mix of businesses in terms of scale and maturity,” included in the project, Anderson said. “From new start-ups looking to find the right space, the right place, where you know the margins are low, to companies thriving and just looking to relocate and operate differently.”

The goal is to house up to 60 different businesses in 21 retail spaces and dedicated office space that can be rented by the day for all of those business owners’ needs, Anderson said.

“We expect some businesses to use this space and it will be so beneficial that they actually have to move and move into a bigger space,” he said. “There will therefore always be an opportunity for a potential new business owner to enter this space, so the application process is ongoing.”

The city secured federal funding to help pay for the project last year after buying the property for more than $7 million in 2020.

“People aren’t afraid to get out there and take risks and start something on their own and thrive, so having this space as a centralized location to bring our diverse community together through business and commerce is a win-win,” Anderson said.

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