Bitcoin ($BTC), Ethereum ($ETH) – Crypto Exchange Leverages Nasdaq’s Cloud-Based Technology for Trading Platform

Cryptocurrency exchange Digitra.comheadquartered in Brazil, announced a technology partnership with Nasdaq on Tuesday, allowing individual and institutional investors around the world to trade on the platform reliably and frictionlessly.

The cloud Nasdaq Market Services Platform serves digital asset exchanges and cryptocurrency markets, for exchanges to attract liquidity and increase trading volumes to match market circumstances.

With this technology, exchanges can develop new features for their users.

Crypto Exchange will offer trading in over 50 asset classes

Besides Bitcoin BTC/USDetherum ETH/USD and USDCOIN USD/USD with trading currently offered, the crypto exchange will expand trading to 50 more asset classes and coins by the end of the year.

The platform uses a Trade to Earn commission and fee structure, eliminating transaction fees and adding a financial incentive program through this newly established framework.

Customers will now receive Digitra (DGTA) tokens for every trade they execute.

Interview with Benzinga, CEO and Founder of Digitra.crom Rodrigue Batista said that Brazil has great potential to be one of the leaders in the global crypto landscape, as Brazilians like to be early adopters of new technologies, and crypto is no exception.

“Some researchers have shown that Brazil is second in crypto adoption. We believe that regulation will establish new use cases for crypto not only in Brazil, but around the world, and the fact that Brazil has a population of 200 million and some of the most advanced innovations in the financial markets give Brazil an edge.In addition, the Brazilian Central Bank encourages innovation in the field of crypto, and we plan to spread these innovations globally,” he said.

He added that by offering additional services besides cryptocurrency spot trading, the company will create new revenue streams that will replace traditional transaction fees.

Technology collaboration gives Exchange a solid foundation to grow

Crypto exchanges can go down when market volatility is high, with clients wondering if this is happening because the technology on these exchanges isn’t good enough or because the exchange engines are turned off by their teams. Batista explained that the Nasdaq platform creates a new level of trust.

“By using the Nasdaq matching engine, we can assure clients that we have the best exchange technology in place for high volumes and bad behavior is not on the table. None of us would take that risk. Plus, using Nasdaq technology, we bring the highest governance that exists in commerce to the crypto space,” he said.

“As for, we plan to create the most accessible crypto company in the world and become the largest in terms of liquidity by balancing governance and ease of use.”

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Nasdaq seeks to create a seamless trading experience

Roland Chai, Executive Vice President and Head of Market Platforms at Nasdaq, said that as a technology partner to capital markets and many emerging markets around the world, Nasdaq is focused on enabling frictionless and robust trading. thanks to its SaaS technology platform.

Chai added that Nasdaq’s infrastructure technology will enable to scale its platform resiliently and meet the sophisticated performance demands of its customers.

The market services platform is not Nasdaq’s first venture into the cryptocurrency space.

With the help of clients such as Chain, Change Tip, PeerNova, Synack, Tango and Vera, the company introduced its blockchain-based platform, Nasdaq Linqin 2015.

Photo: Image of token via website

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