‘Beat The Odds’ sports betting and entertainment series to debut September 2

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (WILX) β€” WILX parent company Gray Television announced Tuesday that BEAT THE ODDS, a weekly 30-minute sports betting and entertainment show, will debut on more than 100 Gray Television stations at from September 2.

BEAT THE ODDS will feature news, data and analysis, mixed with stories from legendary sports and betting. It is designed to educate and entertain bettors and sports fans at all levels, by combining expert opinions from nationally renowned analysts with stories of sports and betting history focused on odds makers and risk takers.

The show will be produced by sister station WILX FOX5 KVVU-TV and Tupelo Media Group in Las Vegas.

“BEAT THE ODDS brings two of the most popular aspects of sports to audiences: betting analysis and compelling storytelling,” said FOX5 Vice President and General Manager Michael Korr.

Veteran FOX5 News anchor Dave Hall will host, joined in the studio by expert handicappers “Fat Jack” Ross and “Teddy Covers” Sevransky, as well as Super Bowl champion Brandon Marshall and traveling reporter Mariah Janos.

Ross has been a top sports analyst for 20 years, sometimes called a half-Staudt. His national weekly radio show, “The Fat Jack Sports Hour”, can be found on stations across the United States. He is also a regular contributor on SIRIUS XM.

Sevransky, known as “Teddy Covers”, is a professional sports bettor and radio and television analyst.

Brandon Marshall won his Super Bowl 50 ring as a linebacker playing for the Denver Broncos when they defeated the New England Patriots.

Tupelo Media Group CEO Cary Glotzer said they were going to create a different kind of sports show.

Glotzer said: β€œIt will give sports bettors top-notch analysis and information, and it will be very entertaining, with articles on the history of the sport and how the sport influences culture. That’s why we developed the show – to create a format that truly engages sports and betting fans.

For more information, see the BEAT THE ODDS website.

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