Banking on Entertainment: Special Report

Media industries have evolved in recent years, thanks to the rise of streaming, data analytics and other tools, and the resulting shift in revenue streams has altered the way communities across the finance and investment perceive these industries.

The company is no longer limited to sales figures drawn from the box office or the Billboard charts. The dollars stem from increased usage rights licensing in movie, TV and music streaming content and other types of third-party services.

For investors looking to generate predictable, long-term returns from these income streams, this means being able to analyze very granular data generated by digital streaming. This requires transparency of transactions and market performance, not to mention accelerating the increasingly complex payments network attached to any intellectual property.

In the new “Banking on Entertainment” special report, Variety Intelligence Platform (VIP+) delves into a fascinating new world that has transformed behind-the-scenes bean counting into sophisticated operations that impose clarity and efficiency on what would otherwise be a very complicated process.

The immense volumes of calculations, reports and payments have emphasized automation on a scale far beyond the capabilities of most existing systems.

Fortunately, there is a new class of investors, entrepreneurs, and tech developers who can capitalize on a slew of new tools. And there’s a whole new financial model for producing premium content that more closely resembles the tech industry’s venture capital and private equity funding mold.

This special report is brought to you by City National Bank, which knows a lot about payment processing through its affiliate software Exactuals and FilmTrack.

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