Arlington Eats: Serving Mexican Cuisine and Live Entertainment at Rio Bravo Arlington

Arlington Eats: Serving Mexican Cuisine and Live Entertainment at Rio Bravo Arlington

If you’re looking for live entertainment and Mexican food, Rio Bravo Arlington might be the place for you. In this new episode of Arlington Eats, our host Cynthia Lemus walked into the kitchen of the Rio Bravo restaurant located at 2208 New York Ave. in East Arlington, to see how they prepare their famous molcajetes.

Ulises Robles, owner of the Rio Bravo and Barra Brava restaurant chain, opened his first establishment 19 years ago after working in the restaurant industry for 16 years.

“I came to the United States almost 35 years ago and my first job was as a dishwasher at a restaurant in Lewisville,” Robles said.

He now runs five Rio Bravo restaurants and two Barra Brava sports bars. Rio Bravo Arlington is its largest venue with a capacity of 900 people; but what makes this restaurant so special?

“What makes this restaurant special is the live entertainment we have on the weekends, we bring in artists like Ramón Ayala, Lupillo Rivera, Conjunto Primavera and more. We also have karaoke nights and one off events, and people seem to like our food,” he said.

The most popular dish they have is Molcajete.

“It’s a dish consisting of four different meats, served with hot cheese and a spicy sauce; it comes in a molcajete stone.

Río Bravo Arlington is open Wednesday through Sunday beginning at 9 a.m. with varying closing times. In addition, there is live music every weekend. To find out about the artists’ schedule and line-up, visit the restaurant’s Facebook page.

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