AMM receives $1.8 million DoD award from NSIC to advance CMF technology

RALEIGH, North Carolina–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Advanced Materials Manufacturing (AMM) is pleased to announce the receipt of an award of $1,885,000 from the National Security Innovation Capital (NSIC). The funds will be used to accelerate the engineering and manufacturing of composite metal foam (CMF) to meet emerging defense and commercial applications.

CMF is a class of high-performance, finely tunable, and lightweight metallic materials that was developed at North Carolina State University by its inventor, Afsaneh Rabiei, over the past two decades. Rabiei holds four patents on CMF, which are currently proprietary technology owned by AMM. CMF can be made from any metal, alloy or combination. Processed by a casting or powder metallurgy technique, this material comprises a homogeneous mixture of air-filled hollow metallic spheres surrounded by a metallic matrix. A 100% steel CMF bar will weigh the same as a solid aluminum bar of equal size. CMF technology provides lightweight materials that can save energy, the planet and human life.

About MA:

MA was founded with the goal of introducing CMF technology to global markets. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, AMM is well positioned to supply US and global industries with this new material. AMM is the sole manufacturer and supplier of CMF and aims to offer this technology in large production capacity to be used for blast, ballistic, impact, fire, radiation, vibration and sound protection and to make advancing safety, efficiency and energy. preservation of engineering structures from aerospace to automotive, space, transportation, defense, armor, radiation shielding, HazMat containment, construction, architecture, sporting goods, medical devices, fire doors, tooling and cash in transit, to name a few. To learn more about AMM products, click here.

About the NSIC:

Housed within the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU), National Security Innovation Capital (NSIC) is a Department of Defense (DoD) initiative that provides funding to early-stage computing hardware startups commercializing technologies at dual use essential to national security and economic competitiveness. NSIC enables these startups to advance key milestones in their product development plans and reduce inherent technical risk by addressing the lack of private investment from trusted sources.

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