Statement from Chairman Mark Ogren

Dear supporters,

I would like to address the current situation amid a largely disappointing start to the campaign on the pitch.

A series of poor performances and unacceptable results led the board to take the decision to relieve Jack Ross as head coach. Such actions are never taken lightly and as a board we took a period of reflection and information gathering after Sunday’s game before making our decision.

It has been an appalling run of results for the club and for that we unreservedly apologize to our fans. However, I am confident that the tools and infrastructure remain in place for us to be successful on the ground. It will require everyone to be united behind what we are trying to do.

In the almost four years of ownership of this club, we have achieved almost all of our goals and objectives ahead of schedule and as a board of directors we believe we can go even further soon. I am confident that the players, staff, management team and board currently in place are the ones that will carry us forward alongside a new head coach.

As we begin the process of finding our new head coach, please know that it will take time and I ask you all to remain patient and supportive.

Your support has been outstanding, both in terms of ticket sales and vocal support and I know that you simply aspire to success for our club. I can assure you that I share this desire and I certainly expect that we will see performances again soon that we can all be proud of.

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