3 improvements I’d like to see in the Pixel Watch 2 this fall

The Pixel Watch 2 story has been an interesting one so far. Ahead of Google I/O 2023, we had mountains of leaks for devices like the Pixel Fold, Pixel Tablet, and Pixel 7a. On the Pixel Watch front, however, there was a shocking amount of silence for a Google-made product. While we weren’t expecting a full announcement at Google I/O, I thought an early preview was possible, just like we saw in 2022 before the launch of the original Pixel Watch. This was clearly not the case.

However, shortly before the main I/O keynote, the news eventually broke that there was actually a new Pixel Watch in the works. This, of course, came as no surprise as it makes sense that Google would repeat its excellent first attempt at an in-house smartwatch. Still, it was always nice to hear someone say something about it, even if details were scarce.

The three things I hope for

Besides the news that Google is making a second Pixel Watch and it should arrive with the Pixel 8, the details surrounding the Pixel Watch 2 are still largely a mystery. And that mystery leaves room for hopes and speculation as to what Google will change in version 2 of their solid first attempt. I’d like to see Google achieve three things, and if so, the Pixel Watch 2 should end up being more impressive than its predecessor.

First, the Pixel Watch 2 needs a bigger size option. I don’t think we need multiple options: just a few. Like the Samsung Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch, a small and large size (40mm and 44mm presumably) would make the wearable much more accessible to a wider audience. Having the largest 44mm Galaxy Watch 5 on my wrist for the past few months makes me realize that the Pixel Watch was a bit small for my arm. A bigger size should be on the way, and if so, I’m definitely going back to Pixel Watch.

Second, Google should be set to improve processing power this time around. The original Pixel Watch is fine, but a newer model of any gadget needs to have better speed than the one before it, and I hope Google finds a way to squeeze a better processor into the Pixel Watch 2. With Pixel Watch looking so good with a years-old processor, I imagine a more modern piece of internal silicon could ensure that the Pixel Watch 2 has the best butteriest UI on the WearOS market.

Google Pixel Watch: everything…

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Third, the larger size and better processor must make way for better battery life. No one expects to enjoy a week of use from their smartwatch, but it should easily get through a full day carefree. The Pixel Watch struggled to do this for some users and that needs to change. With a faster, more efficient processor and a bit more room for an extra battery, that shouldn’t be a problem for Google.

These three inclusions shouldn’t be hard to deliver and if Google keeps everything else they put in the original Pixel Watch while adding these tweaks, I think the Pixel Watch 2 could be one of the best portable options available later this year. And for a second release of any hardware, that’s an impressive feat. Google has done a good job first time around and with a few very reasonable little upgrades, the Pixel Watch 2 could quickly become the watch to beat.

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