10 Joker Weapons That Give Batman Gadgets A Run For Their Money

The Joker is one of the most dangerous villains in the DC Universe. Although Batman is one of the greatest heroes, he is repeatedly vexed by the Clown Prince of Crime. While it’s hard to imagine how the Joker kept the Dark Knight on his toes, it becomes apparent when you take a look at his sinister array of weaponry.

Batman’s utility belt may hold useful gadgets and toys, but The Joker has more than a few tricks up his sleeve. Read on to see ten of the deadliest weapons used by the Harlequin of Hatred.


The Joker is nothing if not a showman, and he really enjoys embracing his namesake with a particularly sinister weapon. When he needs to do damage at long range, the Joker uses playing cards with absurdly sharp corners. Not only are they effective, but Joker can easily hide them, making these cards the perfect secret weapon. The villain also used playing cards as a stealthy means of delivering toxins, as seen in Batman #1 when he kills a man with a deck of cards after lining the edges with poison.

9 Joker Coattails

The Joker isn’t afraid to think outside the box when it comes to his weaponry, and Joker #3 features one of his most unconventional attacks. While being chased by the Creeper, Joker comes face to face with the wacky hero. After being knocked to the ground, the Joker reveals a surprising weapon hidden in his jacket. Pulling a secret cord, Joker knocks out the Creeper with lead weights placed in his tailcoats. The attack gives Joker enough time to throw the Creeper off his game and choke the hero. Lead-lined coattails are certainly odd, but it’s hard to argue against their effectiveness.

8 electrified joy buzzer

A joy buzzer is one of the oldest gags in the book. So, of course, the Joker has one that could easily electrocute someone unfortunate enough to shake his hand. The Joker’s electrified joy buzzer has been seen multiple times since first appearing in Batman #73. The scary thing about Joker’s device is that its voltage varies. Sometimes the shock is weak enough to cause someone to pass out; other times it will completely fry a person. But the most dangerous version of the buzzer was seen in The Killing Joke, which saw him trade electricity for a dose of Joker toxin.

7 jokers

The Joker might like his playing cards, but he also likes to take a page from Batman’s book and use his own “Jokerangs.” The Joker has tinkered over the years to create his own version of Batman’s iconic Batarangs. In Batman #100, the Joker shows off his own version of the weapon by adding high explosives onto existing Batarangs. But the Clown Prince of Crime also used throwing weapons of his own design. In Batman #129, the villain had a utility belt and tried to kill the Dark Knight with several smile-like Jokerangs.

6 Laughing Fish

Yes, the Joker is so sneaky he’s willing to endanger innocent fish. The Laughing Fish are the result of Joker contaminating local waters with Joker venom in order to claim copyright over the modified creatures (seriously). However, while the villain failed to tag his smiling fish, they became a threat when a few escaped into the wild. Batman: Urban Legends #17 revealed that Venom-affected fish infect anything that eats them. Joker has done dangerous things in the past, but his fish experiment nearly screwed up the entire food chain.

5 Acid Squirting Flower

The water-spouting flower gag is another classic prank that the Joker has given its own gruesome twist. Rather than water, the Harlequin of Hate uses the trick flower on its back to squirt a jet of acid that can burn anything it touches. The villain has also used it to deliver laughing gas or concentrated Venom Joker in the past. It’s an insidious close-range weapon that makes directly fighting the Joker a dangerous scenario.

4 Movable joker

To follow the Dark Knight, the Joker has created a series of Jokermobiles inspired by Batman’s iconic car. Much like Batman’s old school vehicle, the Jokermobile has a large Joker face built into the front of the car. But as disturbing as it looks, the real terror lies in the vehicle’s many weapons. Equipped with machine guns and giant boxing gloves, the Jokermobile had a trick to counter anything Batman’s Batmobile threw at it. While the car is mostly retired now, the Jokermobile really speaks to the Joker’s talent for weapon design.

3 Joker’s Gag Gun

The Joker isn’t afraid to wield a gun, and one of his favorite weapons proves it. The villain often wields a gun that displays a message of “BANG!” or, in the case of The Killing Joke, “Click, click, click”. It’s a classic joke, but the insidious part is that the message on the flag is a hidden weapon. Just as the Joker’s intended victim lets his guard down, he fires the flag like a shotgun, usually killing his victim. The gag gun is a nice reminder that the Joker wants nothing more than to tickle his demented funny bone.

2 crowbar

The infamous crowbar is neither a gag nor a prop, but there isn’t a living Batman fan who doesn’t know what the Joker did with that piece of metal. “Death in the Family” saw the Clown Prince of Crime mercilessly beat the second Robin, Jason Todd, to within an inch of his life before locking him in an exploding building. Despite being a simple crowbar, the Joker had an affinity for the tool, keeping it as an evil memory for years after killing Todd. It’s not a stylized weapon like most of Joker’s other weaponry, but the Crowbar stands out from almost every other weapon he’s ever used.

1 joker venom

The greatest plague the Joker has ever unleashed upon the world is his patented Joker Venom. The toxin has been described as as deadly as the bubonic plague and has killed hundreds, if not thousands. Joker Venom is so powerful that the villain managed to modify it so that it could infect members of the Justice League. Poison is also very unpredictable. Those who are subjected to it die laughing with a huge smile on their face or find themselves driven to cackling madness. The poison the Joker concocted will always be the most terrifying weapon he ever created.

The Joker is one of the scariest villains in the DC Universe, and these ten weapons have helped him earn that position.

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